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Office interior

Our dedicated team is the market-leader in strategically decommissioning commercial interiors. Over the years our team has pioneered a unique approach that has changed the way many property managers, owners and tenants view their old lease remediation liabilities. Significantly reducing remediation costs for both tenants and landlords while ensuring your project is completed in a socially and environmentally conscientious manner.

Our methods help our clients to make a global difference by maximizing the landfill diversion rate, CO2e offset and keeping thousands of tons of material out of the landfill. Reducing the financial burden associated remediating your old space by unlocking hidden value and turning your liabilities into an asset.


Beyond Recycling. Lignum’s approach to strategic decommissioning when combined with our Re-construction Initiative, ensures the re-use or re-purposing of more than 60 percent of old building materials, finishes, furniture, and equipment. This helps to stimulate our local real estate market by presenting low cost construction alternatives to growing business and their landlords.

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