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At Lignum Interiors we recognize the environmental impact of our activities, and those of the construction industry as a whole, and are committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment. For many companies and their investors, having an effective environmental, social and governance strategy is at the heart of their climate change response. At Lignum, our commitment to our corporate social and environmental responsibilities has led to the creation of this Re-construction Initiative.


A large percentage of carbon emissions in construction are the result of our reliance on new construction materials or virgin goods. We believe that creating a robust and viable “circular economy”, dedicated to the re-use and re-purposing of high-quality used finishes, has the ability to significantly reduce the environmental impact of our industry.

Through industry-wide collaboration, we have developed a diverse network of property owners, property managers, tenants, service providers and industry peers that are committed to creating more responsible business practices. We invite all stakeholders within our market to join this conversation. To learn more about this initiative or how you can partner with us to help make a difference, please click here.


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