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Safety for Lignum Interiors is not merely a legality, but a true belief that each member of a project has to be respected in terms of their well-being on-site. 


We are committed to safety within our organization with a full-time safety officer who is fully trained and certified to oversee and administer our program.


Lignum has an ISN approved safety manual and our program has been awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the Alberta Construction Safety Association. Our commitment to safety involves a total and organic company approach to risk management, meeting and exceeding OH&S codes  to exceed industry standards.

Our project safety plan will start with a detailed site review assessing and locating site-specific hazards as well as key shut off locations and evacuation routes.  This site plan will have muster points, contacts, location of medical facilities, and procedures to follow in the case of an emergency.

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All persons on Lignum construction sites are mandated to attend the Lignum site orientation that in turn reviews the site specific safety plan, site expectations, site permit processes, a brief review of Lignum's health and safety manual, as well as a chance for site workers speak directly with our safety officer about any of their concerns.  Orientations will be held on a reoccurring weekly basis.


To mitigate site hazards Lignum has a permit process that will address task specific hazards as well as hazard ID cards for addressing anything else on site, these cards can be submitted anonymously to encourage compliance.  Anything brought up on these cards will be addressed immediately as well as followed up with at the weekly safety meeting held on site.  The hazard ID cards can be used for reporting incidents, unsafe work practices that are happening on site, as well as positive feedback.


Safety inspections on site are an ongoing process and are done by all staff on site.  Trades are required to work in a safe manner and this is regulated by site staff as well as re-enforced with frequent walkthroughs with our safety officer.

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